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Try Manual Car For Your First Drive


It might look like an experience from past, when we talk about manual transmission cars. The elite class of today do not prefer driving manual transmission which in turn the manual transmission an outdated thing. Everyone in our society take pride in driving automatic car.

This has resulted in greater accidents, because now drivers can text, makeup and call leading to de-focus. It is also because of the fact that our teen driver, have their first car completely automatic. They do not have basic knowledge about car working and for them driving a car and video game is almost similar.

After all in video games it is joystick or navigation button, while in car the gear shifts happen automatically. It is also the responsibility of authorities that give driving license, to make the clearance of manual car driving test the mandatory option.


Let us not play the blame game, and come straight to the point. The manual transmission is the most appropriate option because it gives you insight of car.You as a teen or parent has the first responsibility to keep safe.

Lets go back to basic, and give your lad the first car that is manual one. Safety comes before image building, so dear teens; be proud to own a manual car as the first option.

Driver takes the car key