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Mechanism Behind Sports Drive

People enjoy the experience of motor racing without knowing the basic mechanism. It is the aerodynamic efficiency that takes one a long way; giving a performance standard hard to replicate. The power on wheel plays a crucial role in determining the quality of performance. To make the vehicle work faster, the force to the ground need to be applied to the wheel. But the direct force on wheel can cause handling unease, so instead virtual weight is put named as down force. It gets airflow from around the car making the car run on road like airplane flying in sky.

Although unlike wings in airplane the cars with wings will not help. The opposite of the mechanism, that makes airplane fly, is employed. The aerodynamics is managed through creation of down force that pushes the car tires onto the track. This also helps in cornering on road in manner that maneuvers happen to perfection. The turbulence aids in keeping a check on speed as the drag is minimized leading to making the car act slow.


The shape of the sports vehicle is mostly tailored in manner that it is made elongated from the front. It reduces friction on road with airflow getting efficient. The engine in formula 1 car, the famous in motorsports, is installed at the back to reduce weight and make the airflow at the front manage well.


So whenever you see the motor race next time, do make sure that you appreciate the mechanism of functionality too. You can even make impression on those around you by sharing the technicality with them. With the combination of aesthetics and technicalities the vehicles stood out.

If you are a technical person, research more on the details. That is all from our side.