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Full article:No Petrol, No Worries.. Just Drive This Car Without Petrol !

No Petrol, No Worries.. Just Drive This Car Without Petrol !

    What is convenient vehicle? A car with a compact design as well as spacious and comes with great fuel efficiency? NO… A convenient car should be of “0” fuel consumption with all the style and luxury. We hope now you will agree with us! We talking about BMW i3, A convenient hash back...

Full article:Chevrolet Volt: Practical Electric Car !

Chevrolet Volt: Practical Electric Car !

Chevrolet, A prestigious name in automobile industry came up with industry first electric vehicle called Chevy Volt introduced in 2010. The response from all over the world was very over whelming. Chevy Volt made good business in all over the world especially in US and EU. This all electric vehicle came up with a different...

Full article:100km per Litre Car From Volkswagen!

100km per Litre Car From Volkswagen!

It is luxuries, it is spacious, it is fast and it is fuel efficient… Yes, you read it right! “IT IS FUEL EFFICIENT” It is Volkswagen Xl1 plug-in hybrid. German automobile manufacturer introduces L1 plug-in hybrid first generation in 2009 and in 2011 it introduces XL1. It is also called Volkswagen 1-litre car. Firstly it...

Full article:Quick Look: Top Sports Cars 2014

Quick Look: Top Sports Cars 2014

The Sports Cars have gained greater popularity over the years. It is the chilly feeling that these cars bring that makes it a true adventure. Driving at a top speed with command and control a bit out of hand brings adventure to a new level. Subaru BZR Subaru BRZ 2014 has been launched with full...

Full article:Top 10 Concept Cars of 2013

Top 10 Concept Cars of 2013

The LA Auto Show 2013 catered to the state of the art vehicles each a unique blend of features and technology on its own. Highlighting the forward thinking and green designs, the theme of the show was fuel cells, hybrid vehicles, power trains and self driving automobiles with the elements of flash and sizzling hot...

Full article:The Future Past Of Land Rover

The Future Past Of Land Rover

  With the growing competition in used car industry, you cannot find your desired car with desired features so easily. There might be still some compromises in terms of features and styling when it comes to affordability. It has become very hard to decide your purchase as new companies and new models are coming in...

Full article:Let’s Go Green with Toyota RAV 4 Electric !

Let’s Go Green with Toyota RAV 4 Electric !

In a current era, we see go green thing everywhere. Companies promote their environment friendly products so extensively. it is not because they are taking care of the environment but there are also some tax incentive offering from the governments all over the world. People were not much welcoming over spending on green products but...

Full article:Automobile History of Myanmar

Automobile History of Myanmar

Myanmar is the country with rich history dated back to the early civilization. The Tibeto Burman speaking people of Upper Burma and Lower Burma. It was first the Pagan Empire and later the Mongol invasion. Thi...

Full article:Benefits of Buying Hybrid Cars

Benefits of Buying Hybrid Cars

The global warming and environmental changes are adversely affecting everything on the earth. The weather forecasters, researchers and analysts are really worried about the hazards created by pollution and upcoming challenges that the world has to face in near future. Therefore the automobile industry experts are also working really hard to come up with some...