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It is usually the scenario that drivers have little control over the price they pay for gas when they fill it up at the pump. This however can be remedied according to the master mechanic and owner of 180-Degree Automotive Bogi Lateiner. Following are certain actions if executed will result in not only saving money on gas but will also enable the driver to enjoy extra mileage.

1. One of the important things is to ensure that the tires are properly inflated with the required amount of pressure as mentioned on the sticker present on the driver’s side doorjamb. The manufacturer’s recommendation of pressure on that sticker must be ensured.

2. In order to minimize gas consumption it is essential to keep routine maintenance of the car. A well looked after and clean engine operates efficiently without increased use of fuel which includes oil change, induction service, injector flush, air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs.

3. It is highly recommended to drive the vehicle at optimal speed and not aggressively. It has been noted that vehicles crossing the speed limit of 55 miles per hour tend to loose fuel efficiency.

4. In order to decrease the drag in the car it is advised to get rid of the excess baggage of weight in the vehicle that will result in greater fuel consumption.

5. Along with that allow the car to warm up for a few minutes before pulling it out of the driveway in order to give it a proper stretch and let it set in its place.

6. It is always helpful to turn down the radio and music and listen to the car carefully with all the attention. The sounds the car makes and the intensity it takes up can help you understand the state of your vehicle better.

7. It is highly recommended to not put off and delay repairs. The minor issue you ignore today can result in a greater fault if prolonged causing you money and stress.

8. Choose lanes of least resistance and pre plan the route you have to reach through the shortest commute strategy.

9. It is advisable to opt for cruise control in order to maintain steady speed for long trips in order to avoid accelerating that takes up greater amount of gas.

10. It is important to check wheel alignment regularly as improper alignment can result in additional drag.