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SUV Positioning As Adventure Option

Sports Utility Vehicle are designed in a way that the big size vehicle have advantages of sedan. The fuel economy and performance come handy in such case. Keeping this in mind the marketing strategy vary from market to market.

The review of print advertisement shows that most of the advertisement had the concept of performance kept first, with adventure and thrill that can even kill. Keeping this in mind, the initial advertisement focused in a straight forward way to performance.

The advertisement from past, best told about performance on rough roads.


While the other advertisement focused on performance of engine.


The one is colored form with focus on nature that become a trade mark for today.


And then in continuation there were advertisement that focused on nature venturing filled with adventure.

It was an indirect message for performance and fuel economy,best telling that you have a tough vehicle that makes excitement experienced to optimal.
Hence all those looking for a thrilling electrifying experience should go for SUV, as the panoramic view makes scenery watch get better and most lively possible. The grip on road makes steep and uneven surface drive enchanting.


And the newest model is the EV version with bullet proof aesthetics