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Ten car questions that goes unanswered

The car enthusiasts have many questions rushing into their minds. At times those queries are not asked, wondering they might be too silly to ask and possibly go unanswered. Those questions are warmly entertained here and are as follows:

expensive gas

expensive gas

Does my car really need the expensive gas?
Not necessarily but you should! The high rated octane has more advance timing for engine. The lower octane gas is likely to reduce power output and gas mileage and eventually cost more.
Why do turn signals blink faster when they are burnt out?
The one word answer is “technology”. The faster blinking happens when a bulb is burned out because the voltage level drops. When there is less load on circuit, it gets easier to blink faster.
Can An Engine Run In Reverse?
The question is obvious, since the primary rotation is backwards. Thus, a two stroke engine can run in reverse but not a four stroke engine.


What’s The Difference Between A Turbocharger And A Supercharger?
The purpose of both is same but the difference lays in what powers each device. The supercharger has compression pump connected directly to engine. It spins as quickly as engine. Whereas the turbocharger has compression pump powered by exhaust gases. The spin up takes time and is called as turbo lag. The turbochargers reach maximum compression earlier than the superchargers.

How do diesel engines work?
Diesel engines do not use spark plugs to ignite the fuel in contrast to gasoline engine. However diesel engines use compression for that purpose.


How Do Pistons Moving In A Jerky Motion Translate Into Smooth Crank Rotation?
Simple! You can put another weight on the opposite side of the crankshaft as the piston, so when the piston is moving up, the opposite weight will move down. But if the car has enough cylinders, you can balance the engine and will not need extra balancing weights.


What’s the Difference Between Over and under steer?
Basically over steer and under steer is while cornering. Over steer in when the front wheels slip while under steer is when the rear wheels slip.
Which Is Better? FWD, RWD, Or AWD.
There is no straight answer to that! FWD provides good traction but poor handling, RWD gives back wheel all power and has balanced handling but lower grip and AWD has good handling but lower grip. So, no option is better than the other, they are just different.
How Do Automatics Work?
It works on basis of three separate systems: the torque converter, the gear box and the hydraulic controller. The gearbox is plainly planetary gear sets; torque converter is fluid coupling. One side spins transmission fluid and other side catches the fluid. The hydraulic controller has input and output shafts for fluid pump and pressure regulating. So, this how the entire system work collectively for effective functioning.


What’s The Difference Between Torque and HP?
The question is simple but the answer is not so simple. Torque is not dependent on time whereas horsepower is how fast you do it. For instance torque could be how many foot lbs you exert to unscrew bolt and horsepower is how many seconds you take to unscrew.