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Top 5 Best Cars For People Above 50

There are a number of issues that the drivers that have crossed 50 face. It is because of bones issue, visual effect and a number of indicators of deteriorating health; that even the simple entry and exit of car becomes an issue.

Toyota Sienna

The latest model of Toyota Sienna has the minivan look with power sliding door and power lift gate for smoother overall experience. The collision mitigation is at the best with the dedicated system that work wonders. The vehicle brings in ease with style that makes it a ‘must have’ option for masses.

2014 Sienna

Toyota 4Runner

This Toyota is tailored to tackle rough roads to perfection. The midsize 4Runner SUV is a comfortable option with features to support the old age drivers. The bigger indicators with soft touch knobs makes sure that customers get experience ease. The greater room in overall vehicle with driver seat adjustment to support makes this Toyota a running stock.


Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is an affordable SUV that brings in features with price factor in control. It is best for senior citizens that are tight on cash with features like lane departure warning and forward collision mitigation to support.


Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder is the typical midsize SUV with seven seats including heated steering wheel keeping the cold factor that driver feel because of age. The 360 degree monitor with the support of Parking Assist and Cruise control makes performance get premium. The power lift gate aids in loading and unloading of luggage with greater ease.


Hyundai Sonata

The most stylish and mid size sedan is best in terms of roominess inside. The size is a bit bigger than average sedan with interior that utilize the optimal space. The performance is also at the best with features and alignments that makes parking and drive on road managed to refined level.


There are many more to offer, though the best 5 are covered above.