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Transition of Car Sketches

The car enthusiasts of different ages and size with aesthetic sense, sketch their love on papers. It might be a young boy straight from school drawing car on his study table, the artist sketching life through car or the employee of a famous auto manufacturing designing the blueprint to the next generation vehicle.

No matter who they are, here we are celebrating the beauty they express through sketches. It might be viewed in synchronization representing as transition of a sketcher that started from car drawing in early childhood and ended up being the Blueprints designer in automobile company.

Make your imaginations get wild and see the sketches below:

When A Kid Draw:

Not knowing much about the lines, a child knows how to draw a straight line. But this does not limit the love one feel for cars. The raw but beautiful drawings by kid.

When a Teen/Artist Sketch

A Teen is very close to an artist, as it is experiencing life in a different way. A way that belongs to its own, that one is alone in sharing with a piece of paper. Here are the drawings that represent life and chaos independently.

When Authority Sketch Blue Print

An authority in an automobile company may or may not be passionate about car. But the profession shines when passion meets with it. Although we know there might be thousands of them in office. But here are the two sketches from a Blueprint designer.


What do you suggest? Was the Transition process worth your time?