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Truck Vs Sports Car- Thinking 360

We have always heard that sports cars are better to drive with performance and road grip above ordinary. We see high class races of sports cars with stunts that keeps our jaws open. They claim to bring aerodynamic efficiency, a class and maneuvering ease.

But have you ever thought, what about a modified truck doing the same for you. I came across two videos that gave me an inspiration of racing scenario that is out of the box. We talk about the race of being better serving mankind.

Lets talk about traditional scenario first, we have a race of truck and sports coupe, and find out which one is better. Can not imagine. click on video below:


The answer is obvious that it will be sports car that will win, but how about having a few changes made to the rules of game. The requirement is to put luggage of 80 kg in both vehicles and start the race. Then who will win, of course it will be the truck.

So in everyday race of life, it is the truck that will win the game, as it is able to carry our everyday load with perfection. The load that is carried towards making infrastructural growth and factory functioning.

And if you talk about stunts by truck, check the video below to see what a truck can do: