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Volkswagen Golf R… The Ultimate Driving Machine is Here…!!!


We all know what qualities a reliable car should posses… and those are comfort, speed, economical fuel consumption and above all the styling. These things are more difficult to match by any automobile manufacturer. We usually compromise at least one feature from all the features define above but when it comes to perfection one comes to our mind and only one model of the car that has proved itself for quite some years and that is “Volkswagen Golf”


Volkswagen comes with 3 models Golf GTD, Golf GTI, and Gold R respectively. Golf R comes with more styling and company called it R styled Golf.

Actually, regardless of being a bit delicate on it, the R is brisk without a doubt. Blasting off the 0-60 run without a clue of wheel spin in only 5.2 seconds, the Mk7 Golf R is a full half-approve snappier to 60 mph than the friendly Golf R. What’s more here’s the place it gets energizing: 1.8 seconds speedier to 100 mph and very nearly 6 mph quicker through the quarter-mile.


The new R additionally halted shorter, requiring 9 fewer feet to prevent from 60 mph and stopping an extremely critical 18 feet shorter from 80 mph.

It is agreeable that the Golf R is faster than the last one—however the huge shock was that it didn’t feel all that much snappier than the Mk7 GTI. Reviewers haven’t strapped test apparatus on a 2015 GTI yet, yet their sister magazine Car and Driver did a year ago. Their GTI was an European-spec auto, as well. Their R was undoubtedly faster to 60 mph (5.2 versus 5.6 seconds), however the Golf R obliges one extra movement on the route to 60, adding valuable time to the run. By the quarter-mile stamp, the Golf R is essentially ahead, as you’d anticipate.


It’s only one more bit of confirmation reinforcing reviewer’s individual conviction that the 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI is the best auto on the planet, period. Still, Reviewers never blame them for picking the Golf R (or a TDI or even the base 1.8t). Yet where the R is concerned, they suggest keeping things under control until They have had the opportunity to drive the US-spec rendition. They are planning to before the years over and after that they can see whether the R can unseat the GTI as the ruling champion.