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Terms and Conditions of Photo Contest

  • Each customer can upload only one photo and submit one testimonial.
  • Participants will get their friends to like their photo. The winner is primarily based on the number of votes. The number of Likes/Votes on photo will increase the chances to win.
  • It is mandatory to be our customer in order to participate in the contest. This is not necessary that you have done the purchasing recently or you must have purchased many cars, if you have ever done purchasing from us you are most welcome to share your experience along with a nicely taken photo with your car.
  • The entrant should send us unique entry which was never submitted, nominated or won any other prize in any contest within or outside the entrant's country.
  • The photo must be 300 x 300(min) in size, it should be a high quality picture clearly showing the car and the person in the picture.
  • On wining the contest the winner must submit a signed petition to SBT Japan that the company can use the photograph and testimonial in print and electronic media as well as on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) for publicity purposes. The company reserves the right to edit, re-produce, distribute,promote and publish the winning entry as long as the publication, marketing and editing do not offend in anyway the owner of the photograph and testimonial. Failing to sign the petition may automatically disqualify such entry and the second best entry which received highest number of votes will be selected as a winner. The petition is mandatory to be provided within 5 working days after the contest result announcement.
  • This contest is open for anyone who has done purchasing from SBT Japan, no matter its a single unit or a number of cars. All entrants will be treated equally. In this contest no employee, organizer, advertiser, or anyone who is directly or indirectly associated with the company is eligible to participate.
  • Each participant is abide by the contest rules which should be strictly followed, there will be no claims, that can be made once the decision is taken by the company. The company posses the sole right to make decision based on the votes received on each entry.
  • All entries will be accepted via the Customer Testimonial and Photo Contest App, we do not accept any entry through any other medium. The participant should send complete and genuine details along with the photograph and a written testimonial. The testimonial can be send to the email id: however the photo must be submitted via the application.
  • The photo should be sensible enough to enter in to the competition since each photo will be available in the Customer Photo and Testimonial Contest App Gallery. These Testimonials and Photos will also be available on our Facebook Page Wall, therefore any photo which is offensive, obscene, reflects profanity or contains any objectionable material is not eligible to be entered into the contest as per the contest rules and requirements.
  • No such entries which are not original work of the sender or send to us via any third party, agency or any medium will not be eligible to be part of contest. We only accept photos and testimonials submitted by our customers who want to share their real experience of the buying cars from SBT Japan.
  • You may delete your entry anytime, by simply accessing the application after logging in to your Facebook account.
  • By participating in the contest you agree that:
  1. The contest owner reserve the right to access and use your name, location , photo and testimonial currently but reserves the right to utilize this entry in any future promotion, trade, publicity, requirement in print or electronic media and any activity conducted by the contest organizers and the company locally or internationally.
  2. You also agree that the entry is in no way associated with any third party content, image, writing, poetry, text, logos, photographs video and voice, that is not originally your piece of work and taken from someone else.
  3. You also give the contest organizers rights to include the entry in the contest without any commitment or claim of payment.
  4. Each participant also agrees that in any circumstances, he/she might not harm /damage or perform any activity which might offend the contest organizers,  affect the company reputation or in anyway promote, spread any bad words and not in anyway harm the application, website or any other brand image of the company technically or non-technically.
  • This contest is Free for all, there is no entry fee, registration charges or any sort of money involved at any stage to be paid by the participant.
  • The contest owner reserves the right to choose the winner in all circumstances, the winner will be ranked according to the picture submitted , testimonial written and number of votes received. The results may be affected due to the picture quality, any suspicious activity found related to any entry such as using multiple email id addresses by the same person to vote the entry, same user by different IP addresses to vote on any entry or the work is found to be a copyright material.
  • It is also possible that while submitting the entry there are some technical issues at the application end, there might be some internet issues at your end, in this scenario the entry might not reach us properly and hence we might not enter your contribution into the contest.
  • The said prize which is 'HP Pavillion G6' depends on the availability of this model and the restriction of posting this brand in any specific country, however in a case of any restriction or un-availability of this laptop the substitute laptop prize will be of same configuration and cost though it might be of a different brand.