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Terms & Conditions – Brand Your SBT Contest

Terms and Conditions:

1. One fan can upload only one video; each entry will be checked according to the IP address and Facebook profile.

2. No fake means, bots, software should be used to gain votes on the videos our system will check each entry carefully.

3. SBT employees and their relatives cannot take part in the contest

4. The company reserves the rights to make decision; in case of any import policy restriction in the winner’s country equivalent amount gift will be dispatched.

5. The company reserves the right to make changes in the contest terms anytime, the contest can be done void and closed without any prior notice to the participants in case of any unpredictable issues.

6. Only creative, original and personally recorded videos will be entered into the contest after carefully evaluating hence no participant is allowed to post any material which is copyright or someone else’s work created for commercial purposes.

7. Each video is carefully evaluated before entering into the contest therefore any use of slang words, offensive images or locations will disqualify the video to be entered in to the video contest.

8. Videos should be recorded by the participant with the help of camcorder or cell phone, no help from any professional video editing services should be taken in order to win the contest.