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Mobility Revolution Driven By Tech Evolution


Mobility Revolution has been a voyage: one that started slowly and gained momentum at an exponential pace. It is really hard to shrug off the important contribution made by the first wheel introduced 5,000 years ago. The first steam-powered engine started in the 1700s, the internal combustion engine 159 years ago, the production of first motor car introduced in the nineteenth century and then, the electric and hybrid cars. These are milestones that have made this excursion memorable, undoubtedly an exciting one!

Besides giving liberty to travelers, vehicles act as an artery system. They are making an incalculable contribution is socio-economic development and human progression in society. Cars are inextricably involved in all facets of modern life, but, this utility also has a downside. On one hand, the love affair with the internal combustion engine have created some wicked problems, on the other hand, it also gave rise to convenience based on the exponential growth of technology. We are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution, where the convergence of connectivity, electrification, and ever-changing customer needs have brought dramatically clean, safe and more energy-efficient vehicles. We are also hoping to leverage the next wave of seamless connectivity in the auto manufacturing industry.

Exponential Technologies: Redefining the Mobility

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and robotics assistance is transforming the way we are living. Uber, for example, the seminal illustration of how digital platform is changing the landscape of this small planet called earth. Nanjing city in China is another great example demonstrating the role of exponential technologies. Where authorities have gained real-time data through SAP’s real computing system. These big data trends are also providing deep insights about the traffic patterns and trends facilitating the commuters. It is also helping auto-makers to transform the way they are doing businesses with profound implications on the tactical decision and long term policymaking.Mobility-Revolution

The congestion reduction, safety and productivity, are few glaring realities behind the emergence of self-driving cars. This trend gave rise to the promotion and adoption of self-driving cars. Auto manufacturers by sensing the upcoming mobility needs are allowing people to leverage the benefits of 4G. Almost all the brands, to surpass the competition are launching autonomous cars. These are the vehicle with the capability to sense the environment and navigate without human interruption.

Renault’s NEXT TWO, Tesla model S, Google cars, Nissan Leaf electric, PSA Peugeot Citroen working on multimodal approach, Mercedes-Benz E and S class models are demonstrating the automakers take on self-driving cars.

Mobility Revolution-Car
Technologies like computer vision, radar, lidar, odometer, and GPS is used to detect the surroundings. It is possible to sense and interpret the sensory information through the advanced driver control system. Automakers are synthesizing innovative thinking with smart devices; network and machine learning to reduce the collision possibilities and the number of causalities with minimum human efforts. 5G is another upcoming wave of change that is going to turn your cars into data centers on wheels.

5G: The Missing Links in Mobility Revolution

The auto manufacturing industry, in the middle of the seismic shift, is introducing autonomous cars. The upcoming 5G, high-speed wireless technology is going to whitewash all the doubts regarding the seductive mobility revolution. This technology integration will create seamless connectivity between everything around us through ultra-fast, highly responsive and reliable networks. It will also enable the automakers to come up with the launch of autonomous self-driving cars by leveraging the fullest potential of advanced technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and the virtual reality.

Mobility Revolution

In short exponential technologies have taken a long way towards automotive transformation. Stand-alone mechanically controlled and petrol-fueled vehicles have retired in favor of interconnected, electronically controlled vehicles that are fueled by multiple energy sources. Uber, Waymo, Tesla, and Toyota have already launched autonomous test vehicles. No matter what the future holds, the advent of self-driving cars will alleviate the daily traffic woes. The tech evolution is wining laurels for bringing safe, cheap and more energy-efficient alternates on board.

Mobility Revolution