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Full article:Debunking the Myth of Online Used Car Shopping
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Debunking the Myth of Online Used Car Shopping

There are many shopaholics among us; who use to shop like a ritual. But such compulsion vanishes away when it comes to online shopping. The reluctance among people to buy cars online, get even more severe when...

Full article:What is JEVIC?

What is JEVIC?

JEVIC stands for Japanese Export Vehicle Information Certificate, it is one of the most authentic and reliable Government entity besides JAAI to issue odometer inspection certificate. Each vehicle is evaluated on the basis of odometer tampering, there can be analogue, digital and diagnostic types of odometer tampering. The buyers and importers around the globe are...

Full article:What is JAAI (Japanese Auto Appraisal Institute)?

What is JAAI (Japanese Auto Appraisal Institute)?

Overview: The JAAI (Japanese Auto Appraisal Institute) which was established in 1966 under the Ministry of International Trade and in mutual alliance with the Ministry of Transport. The organization run as a Government entity. It is an authorized body to do the strict and crystal clear inspection of each unit. Importers around the globe put...