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What is JAAI (Japanese Auto Appraisal Institute)?



The JAAI (Japanese Auto Appraisal Institute) which was established in 1966 under the Ministry of International Trade and in mutual alliance with the Ministry of Transport. The organization run as a Government entity. It is an authorized body to do the strict and crystal clear inspection of each unit.

Importers around the globe put their valuable money at stake and invest huge amount in importing bulk of cars from the auction. In order to maintain trust, integrity and build long term relationship with the global dealers and buyers the Japanese Government is running organizations like JAAI and issues certificates of inspection.

Car is a an expensive unit and importing it from Japan to your home country involves payment of taxes and duty. It also includes getting an import certificate, inspection certificate, getting a reliable consignee and after passing all these milestone finally get hold of your car keys.

It is mandatory in many countries to get the inspection certificate before the car is cleared at the port. Without this certificate one cannot import car to his home country. The Japanese Auto Auction is a very big market and it is experiencing exponential growth with the passage of time hence the Government has set some rules and inspection entities to ensure export of high quality vehicles and sustain the image of Japanese Used cars which are not only trendy but durable as well.

The organization comprises of 52 branches across the country and up till now it has inspected over 1.8 million vehicles. The global importers and buyers prefer the JAAI certificate. Since the inspection performed by this organization is accurate and done with honesty.

Reasons Why You Should Choose This Certification?

You should choose this certification for inspection because:

1. The JAAI inspects the car’s brakes, speedometer, wheel alignment, gas emission and they are checked with advanced technology systems.

2. The importer can easily evaluate the car’s value because the JAAI inspects the exterior ad interior of the car with the help of professional inspecting teams.

3. It also check the car tires quality, it should match the standards set to assure safety.

4. The car’s exterior is also checked strictly if there is any corrosion. Rust or bumps this is fixed and repaired immediately before the inspection certificate is prepared. These fixes are mentioned in the inspection certificates so the buyer will be aware before making any payments.

5. The best part about importing car with a JAAI inspection certificate is that the organization is abide to check the car’s condition according to the rules set by the particular country.

6. The organization also inspects the mechanism of the Used Japanese Car for which they are issuing certificate.

7. The interior of each unit is also checked fully, if there are any food stains, scratches, or damages. These damages should not exceed 10cm for a small car. And not more than 30cm for a large or commercial vehicle.

There are other official and authentic organizations which issue certificates for Japanese Cars to be exported, this encourages the buyers to buy more cars from Japanese Auctions and easily receive their desired car without any import policy restrictions and any doubts on the shipped units.