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A Peripheral Flashback on 30 Years of Infiniti

Infiniti Logo with car in grey

On 8 Nov 2019, Infiniti, an upscale automaker from Japan accomplished its 30 years in the automotive world. Better late than never, it is perfect time to pay tribute to a brand’s contribution to the car industry. On such special achievement of the brand, we are going to portray some of the greatest hits of Infiniti of 90s and 2000s. Basically, it is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan. The brand officially commenced the operations on Nov 8, 1989 in the United States of America. After productive struggle of the 30 years of Infiniti, currently the marketing network of the Infiniti-branded automobiles spreads in more than 50 countries. In near future, it is looking forward to attaining a premium status by incorporating its SUVs and cars with added luxury content and exhilarating performance.

Sketching a Journey In Brief

Have a deep breath and close your eyes, while recalling the first-ever advertising campaign of the Infiniti. Flashing back on 30 years of Infiniti, it all started with the philosophy of thoughts and sorts. The very first ads of the brand starred the natural scenery and an eye-catching landscape with twilight. The perception of the ads was different until the car was officially launched. This is how the brand introduced itself in the market and stood apart from its competitors. Infiniti was onboard around the same time when the Japanese rivals Toyota and Honda developed their premium brands Lexus and Acura respectively.

Infiniti Q45 in brown and white representing best in class experience

The Rise of the Brand

Infiniti marque came up with two opening models in early 90s, namely Q45 and M30. Infiniti started its campaign with a clean sheet and crafted a graceful and unadorned machine that did not victimise its reputation due to the machinery faults like other competitive brands.  The sales of the branded-vehicle grew steadily, but it still lags behind the Lexus and Acura on the popularity note. However, the early 2000s witnessed a dawn of a new era for Infiniti, as the manufacturer showed keen interest to boost the quality and upgrade the products. As a result, the launching of G35 in 2003 gave the right direction. Starting from a Q45, now the Infiniti has plenty of noteworthy vehicles to offer such as Q50, Q60, Q70 and QX50.

Legacy Is Immortal

After the prestige 30 years of Infiniti, today the brand has a wide range of coupes, sedan and crossover in its band. All these vehicles are based on the Nissan FM platform, featuring spectacular details and premium quality material. However, in the beginning, Q45 adopted simple styling, unlike other luxury cars that had grilles and wood inside. Years later, when the Q45 received a refresh, the manufacturer placed a chrome grille on the nose, defining elegance and upmarket looks. With the launch of G35 and FX crossover, it proved to be a successful run for Infiniti. Ultimately, the G35 advanced into modern-day Q50 and Q60 coupes. The proliferation of different models in the range never hinders the essence of quality and reliability level of the product.  Consequent generations continue the legacy of the brand, blending sporty handling and luxuriant amenities.

Grey Infiniti GS5 on black background

The Future Goals

Presently, the family of Infiniti has expanded up to good numbers. The manufacturer keeps on adding sedan, coupe, crossover and convertible in the lineup to meet the modern-day demands of an enthusiast. It has also introduced an M Hybrid sedan, which is the first-ever hybrid vehicle in its spectrum. Eyeing on future perspective, Infiniti is aiming to launch five vehicles in the upcoming years. A sporty SUV, named as QX55 is on the verge of hitting the market with a bang in 2020. The fully-electric SUV and new flagship sedan with an electrified drivetrain are also in line to conquer the automotive world.
No matter whatever is the model, Infiniti will remain steadfast on its agenda; Quality, Sport, Value and Luxury.

The latest model Infiniti QX55 with black background