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How Did The Concept of Long Drive Materialized By A Woman?


The history of automobile is as rich as its present, with unexpected twists and turns there are many things that are different from what the masses believe. As many might think, that man having greater passion for cars would have contributed in every development that we see today. But to all those who believe and advocate the loyalty of man towards car, those who go out of the way to say that woman are a misfit when it comes to car history, here is an example of hard work and dedication.

It was the year 1888 that Bertha Benz, the wife of Carl Benz, drove Benz Patented Motor wagon. She was the first one to challenge the fact that cars can be used for short distances only. She dared and went far to prove this fact. One fine morning she drove the Motor wagon without informing her husband of the quest. She took her two elder sons with her and traveled from Mannheim town of Southern Germany to Pforzheim. During the road trip she came up with technical solutions, like when the brakes needed a repair she came up with brake lining. She even used her hatpin to clean fuel pipe and insulated a wire with a garter.

She came back home with a number of suggestions and the survival instinct to create difference. So whenever you go for long drives with family and friends do remember Bertha Benz.

Here is a family picture of the woman for you:

Bertha Benz-family