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Interesting Transport From Past

Over the years, transportation has refined to a new level from the first steam engine automobile to the bestselling vehicle of 2014, the journey has been tiring. But the best part is that the weird ideas of yesterday have converted into the necessity without which people cannot live today. All this happened because of crazy few who went out of the way to try something different.

Here are the points of wisdom that can add value in our lives:

Guts To Make Difference

If we look at the video attached below, we see models that were out of the box at their time. That was only possible, when the surrounding has minimal effect on the transportation scientist. Yes, rightly put, the scientist that designed medium of transportation that later became the father of inventions like water boat, aircrafts and car.

Trying Everything

It is not that during the process things would have been easy, rather it is more about the continuous struggle followed.  After thousands of failure, the transportation system of today would have been formed. It is because of this that today we see convenient mediums of transportation.

Here is the video that best shows the philosophy

Weird Vintage – Transportation from Portail Blog on Vimeo.

This very basic philosophy has been followed by Toyota at the best, while the other automobile companies that support the process include Subaru, Mazda, Nissan and Mercedes Benz.