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The Inspirational Story of A Blind Inventor of Cruise Control


Once upon a time there lived a child who was passionate to make difference. Being blind at the age of five due to an accident, many believed that he will not do something worth it throughout his life. But that child whose name was Ralph Teetor proved others wrong by graduating from University of Pennsylvania.

You might be thinking, where is the Cruise Control in all this?

Keep reading to find out.

This guy Ralph Teetor who never preferred to talk about his disability gets the credit of inventing Cruise Control. In this process his degree in mechanical engineering facilitated him, while his association with The Perfect Circle Co., an automotive parts manufacturing, as President further added value.

One morning while riding with his lawyer, he got the inspiration of inventing cruise control. The lawyer would slow down while talking which caused frustration to this man with extra sensitivity to touch and feel. He invested ten years of his life and developed a speed control device for car. It was initially named as Controlmatic, Touchmatic, Pressomatic and Speedostat; though the final name came as Cruise Control that gained popularity.

The Cruise Control is a system that adjusts speed of vehicle automatically by taking over the throttle. It is a technology that has brought in ease in long drives and is best for driving on motorways and highways.

This person, proved to the world that everyone is special in their own ways, it is more about realizing your potential and creating difference