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5 Tips For Accident-Free Driving


Cars can turn into a nightmare if not handled properly. Being part of automobile league, we know that mistakes happen even when you know old school principle for safe drive. Consider car a tamed beast that need your discipline to be friend. It can turn into threat of life if not managed properly. The tips given by moms in your initial days should be considered too. So make sure you be careful at intersections and tailgate in a patiently attentive way. Here are the obvious tips you should keep revising after sometime.

Placing Hand on Steering the Right Way

Put your seat close to steering wheel, so there is less pressure on hand while on the long journey. This will aid you in better maneuvering with less fatigue in long run.


Keep Away From Drunk Drivers

You can best judge the state of mind of driver by the way of driving. So make sure that when you see any abnormality in front, back and side drivers; you maintain safe distance.


Avoid Fast Lane

Everyone likes to drive in the fast lane, but it is the same one where there are high chances of damaging accidents. So make sure that you go for labe that have escape route in case of accident.


Blind Spot Awareness

Blind spots can get pretty damaging for you, car and external factors. Be cautious of blind spots with the support of mirror and cameras.


Maintain Your Car

Do make sure that you maintain your car and have routine check-ups every now and then. Clean your car everyday and ensure that the cars accelerate, stop and steer smoothly when needed.


There is much more to accident free drive, but ones mentioned above are the most basic ones.


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