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How Did Balloons Saved Car Fuel?

How Did Balloon saved car fuel

Fuel prices have been ever increasing, with pollution and inflation going together. With outcry for oil prices, the car sales are still ascending drastically. It is because of the economy and ease that car brings to the world that replacing car is like removing basic necessity at disposal of people. It is because of this, people are coming up with simple and efficient ways to save fuel, balloons saved car fuel, is one of the methods.

Balloons Saved Car Fuel

Oil company of Korea came up this innovative way. It saved a nominal amount of fuel consumption on each car by showing them vacant space through a balloon. Though it was a small move that saved the fuel of roaming around to find parking lot, but the synchronization effect with hundreds of cars and multiple parking lots created magic.

Concept Elaborated

It was a simple concept that not only make the car maintenance cost get minimal but also led to word of mouth marketing for good. So when you are on a visit to Korea and find a balloon of arrow shape with HERE written on it, do make sure that you park your car at that spot.

Such micro concepts can bring in macro level change for betterment. People from around the world should learn from them. They should come up with innovative strategies to solve the problems of the world, without having a complaining attitude. This shows how innovation can be low price and high-return.

Enjoy the video below to watch out for balloon and how people felt about it.