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Decoding The Myth Of Turbocharger

Feature- Myth Of TurboCharger

There is no such thing as “perfect”, the human mind is inextricably involved in a never-ending journey of inventions. They are thriving to make things better, more efficient and environment-friendly to make life easier than ever before. The car evolution journey, precisely the internal combustion engine and turbocharger is a seminal illustration of technology evolution from concept to reality. Hence here we will be decoding the myth of turbocharger.

A car engine is remarkably an adequate machine, powered by a liquid and has the potential to hurl a person many times faster than he can move on his feet.

Turbocharger, an ultimate motoring solution to accommodate modern-day driving needs, is what we can call the result of engine evolution. Advances in engine technology are helping vehicles to accelerate with greater efficiency and a better economy. We have heard a lot about Turbocharger and its huge benefits that the owners can reap. Let’s uncover the art and science of this unique and efficient technology and know-how to make a car favorable?

What Does Turbocharger mean?

We all have witnessed cars buzzing on road, streaming sooty fumes from their tailpipe which cause air pollution and a massive waste of energy. The turbocharged engine technology harnessing the waste power and utilizing it to make the car run fast is turbocharger.
The car engine holds sturdy metal cans called cylinder to generate power. The mixture of air and fuel in the cylinder results in a small explosion. It drives piston out and turns the shaft and gears that are spinning the wheel. When piston pushes backward, it pumps the waste air and fuel mixture out of the cylinder. Therefore, it is safe to say that the efficiency to burn fuel in the cylinder determines the amount of power a car can produce. More specifically, the number of cylinders helps to determine the speed of a vehicle on the road.
Hence, one way to improve car efficiency is to add more cylinders and make your car super fast. The other method to enhance the performance of a conventional family car is to use a turbocharger. Turbocharger forces more air in a cylinder that results in fuel-burning at a faster rate. The turbocharger is an extra bit of kit that is a simple and relatively cheap alternative to empower your car.


How To Make An Average Car Turbo?

It is possible to make an average car turbo by integrating two fans connected by a rod and encased in a single housing. Place one fan in the airflow of the engine exhaust and the other in the engine’s air intake. When the engine will rev, it will produce exhaust gasses.
The gas will spin the fan in the exhaust. It will turn spins the fan in the air-intake as they are connected with a rod. In this way, the engine will drag in more air and force it into the cylinder for greater performance efficiency. Though the turbocharged engine utilizes more fuel than a naturally aspirated engine of the same size, it is exciting to know that the vehicle returns relatively greater efficiency and better acceleration on the road.


The turbo-charging technology heats up the air. It will make it less dense and in turn reduces the efficiency of the combustion engine. Auto manufacturers integrate an inter-cooler to cool the compressed air after it leaves turbo and before it enters into the engine. Turbo lag is another possible hurdle inefficient hauling, it occurs at low revs. When engine rev at low speed, it generates big volume for exhaust gases to drive the turbo which makes it a bit tricky to ride.
It is worth mentioning here that turbocharger is a good replacement in family hatchbacks. As technology allow the small engine to produce the same power as a large engine at the expense of less fuel consumption. Moreover, turbocharge also feels light, which makes the vehicle surprisingly agile and easy to accelerate on the road.

Verdict on Decoding Myth of Turbocharger

Thanks to Alfred J.Buchi, an automotive engineer for making us familiar with a million-dollar invention. The turbocharger technology is of great significance. It is a much needed alternate even after the launch of gas-powered and hybrid engine technologies. The number of advantages is outweighing the cost. Hence,you can reap an endless stream of advantages by making your car turbocharged.