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The Fitness Tips For Race Drivers

Race drivers unlike typical driver needs to be much more healthy physically and mentally. After all driving a heavy duty vehicle is not a child’s play. It is more like walking against the wind; that requires a lot of investment in terms of time.

Below are the few tips for being a fit race driver that creates win-win situation for masses.

Get Hydrated

On an average a race driver sweats up to 3 kg of their body weight while being on race course. This means that a greater amount of water gets wasted during the process that needs to be restored. It is highly recommended to drink water before the start of race.


Take Healthy Diet

It is highly recommended to use diet that is high on carbohydrates and protein.  The use of junk food should be avoided to maximum. It is the general observation that racers eat Pasta type of food after race.


Exercise For Cardio Vascular Health

In exercises like running and swimming the overall body gets involved in movement. The cycling is the other option that is preferred by drivers, giving the overall body a healthy break. The unusual load is experienced on neck and chest during the process of driving race car. To build such strength it is important that pushups and other form of exercises are well managed.


There is much more to body and physicality that needs to be considered, but these are the basics one should start off with.

Happy Healthy Drive!