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How to Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car?

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When it comes to the safety of your vehicle, GPS technology has achieved a prominent position. It not only helps in tracking vehicles but also helps in protecting them against theft. With time, more benefits of GPS trackers have been identified. The hidden trackers are vital for keeping the car safe.

A GPS tracking device allows tracking the vehicle’s location, which keeps the vehicle safe. We all are mindful of the stories linked to data breaches and privacy abuses. Considering this, GPS tracking has often been disparaged. However, these devices have been proven to be beneficial in many cases. So, it’s okay if you are paranoid.

If you also want to take advantage of GPS tracking devices, you must know where to place them. These are not only legal but ethical too. Overall, the satellite-based system provides time and location.

Here you can find information on where to hide a GPS tracker on a car and benefit the users.

Where to Hide A GPS Tracker on a Car?

As GPS tracking and GPS navigation have gained much attention in this era of technology, it has become vital for car owners to learn about hidden GPS in a car or hide a GPS tracker on a car. In addition, you must know that hidden GPS in the car also keeps you safe.

Moreover, GPS tracking has helped companies monitor their employees. Some companies use it to assess the transport and delivery of goods. Although, it is believed that finding the right location can be challenging. However, it’s easier to track the car’s areas.

All you have to do is recognize where you can hide a GPS tracker in a car. For this, you must know the pros and cons of hidden GPS in a car and how it can be placed smartly.

Here is a guide for some of the most reasonable and preferable places that answer your question of hiding a GPS tracker on a car?


1.    Fron Bumper

The front bumper can be a secret place, and no one can assume that a tracker can be hidden there. Furthermore, the vehicle consists of different wires for temperature, sensors, and lighting. Hence, you can use this place and get a tracker placed by a professional mechanic.


2.    Dashboard

When it comes to the placement of a tracking device, people usually choose the dashboard. Then, all you have to know is how to open the dashboard to hide the tracker there.

The tracker placed in a dashboard makes it easier to pick up the satellite signal. Also, the driver cannot find it easily.


3.    Brake Lights

If you want to hide the GPS tracker, fit it in the brake lights. You might need a mechanic for placing, removing, and replacing the tracker.

The brake lights are a good place to hide the tracker. However, there is a limitation to this choice. If there is a brake failure, the device can be easily revealed.


4.    Rear Bumper

There are many cables in the car’s rear bumper, like the front bumper. Hence, there is plenty of space to hide the tracking device easily. You can easily place the sensor and the camera between the wires. It will make it very challenging to discover that the automobile has a GPS tracker.


5.    Car Seat Cushion

When searching for a hiding place in your car, we believe that the car seat cushion makes the best option. Then, all you have to do is ask your mechanic to place the tracking device inside and cover it.

You don’t have to fear the signals when inserting the GPS tracking device in the car seats. The covers do not block signals. Also, it’s a challenging place and is not easily revealed.


6.    Car Trunk

Most people don’t think of placing the GPS tracking system into the car trunk. Though, it’s one of the greatest choices. You can hide the tracker in the arrears of the rear seat. You will have to attach the device by wires and electrical sticky tape that effortlessly shields it.

For this, you’ll have to confirm that the area is made of plastic. Otherwise, if it’s coated with metal, you won’t get signals. Thus, the blocked signals will make it difficult to track the vehicle.


7.    Under the Steering Wheels

Most cars, including SUVs and sedans, have a lot of open space inside the dashboard where the steering wheel is placed. Hence, you can use this space to place your GPS tracker.

Under the steering wheels, you can find a diagnostic port. Here you can connect the GPS tracker with on-board diagnostics (OBD), making it easier to pull power from the battery. Also, it’s a great hiding place. Hence, most of the companies are using GPS tracking devices similarly.


8.    Inside the Wheels

All the GPS tracking devices are specifically designed to withstand all conditions. These consist of strong magnets, easily placed inside or outside the car. If you want it to be hidden, choose a spot accordingly.

For instance, private investigators or suspicious partners often use GPS trackers. Hence, they look for hiding areas, ensuring that you can easily access them. As a result, it will be easier to reach and install the tracking device inside the car’s wheels.

If you ask the experts, they do not recommend placing the trackers inside the wheel frames. It is said that it’s not a good hiding space as the GPS tracker becomes very visible. It’s also prone to falling off when driving in bumpy and snowy areas.


9.    Under the Car

When people wonder where to hide a GPS tracker on a car, they often think about placing it under it. However, this can be done when the tracker is waterproof and magnetic.

In high-end cars, you’ll find the plastic coverings at the bottom of the vehicle. Therefore, there are only a few metallic spots where you can fit the tracker. For this, you’ll have to visit a mechanic. When placing it under the car, ensure that the tracker is not closer to the exhaust. Or else the heat can damage the device.


Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that if you want to know where to hide a GPS tracker on the car, the easiest way is to choose any place. It can be placed in the wheels, seat covers, bumper, or steering. These places ensure that you can conveniently hide GPS trackers in the car.

In recent times, GPS tracking has gained a lot of consideration. It not only aids in keeping trail of vehicles but also confirms the overall security. These devices are being used by car owners, logistics and supply companies, security agencies, and many more. It’s up to you to hide a GPS tracker on the car.