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How Do Japanese Used Cars Auction Works?


Buying a Car from Auction is Different than Buying a Car from Dealership:

Buying a car from dealership is easier and it may require less effort but it is indeed a burden on your pocket. This is due to the fact that Used Japanese Cars dealerships keeps greater margin of profit as compare to its original auction price.

The cars that reach Japanese Auctions are high quality, low cost, durable and trendy. These cars are next to new and inspected strictly according to the Japanese inspection rules. These cars are then offered for bidding and buyer around the globe participate in online auction and live bidding. This is a bit exciting and requires enhanced industry knowledge as well.

Some buyers prefer to go professionally and they hire bidders who offer their services to bid on the buyer’s behalf. These companies and individuals are well versed with auction and automobile industry ins and outs.

The cars purchased directly from auction are cheaper and sold out without any additional profit margin. The best part about buying directly from Japanese Used Cars auctions is that, the buyer is provided with an auction sheet. The car can be compared with the auction sheet and any discrepancies can be claimed immediately.

Japanese Auctions-Largest Pool of Japanese Used Cars:

The Japanese Used Cars auctions are not limited to one type car or make, it is a pool of wide variety of cars and almost all makes and models that have been manufactured in Japan. The rapid launches of new and innovative models and massive flow of used Japanese Cars encourages the global buyers to invest more money in the used cars industry. Therefore its not only the single unit buyer who participate n the auctions but bulk purchasers for commercial purposes also take part actively.

Just like physical auctions there are online auctions available for the buyers who cannot visit Japan. Such buyers can participate in live bidding and buy their desired car which will be shipped to their country port upon transferring payment. The bidding process is faster and the buyer should know which car to bid on, once the cars are on display there is very tough competition and short time to win the bid. The buyer is usually notified via email, phone or fax if his/her bid wins.

Pros and Cons of Buying Cars from Japanese Auction:

There are some pros and cons of everything and the same is the case with buying Used Japanese Cars from auction. The pros of buying from auction are:

  • You can choose from a vast range of thousands of cars
  • You can get a complete car history which includes the accident history of the car as well as a detailed auction sheet.
  • You can communicate with the native language speaker in order to participate in the Japanese auctions.
  • You don’t have to pay extra money as an added profit which is kept by the dealer.

Where there are some pros there are some cons too:

  • When buying from the dealership one can take a loan or lease a car, on the other hand buying Used Japanese Cars from auction requires cash payment only.
  • You cannot visit the auction physically and hence you cannot actually see the car until it is shipped to your country port.
  • Once purchased there is no return policy that is applicable on any vehicle.

The cars purchased from Japanese auctions are shipped to the specific country port and then the buyer can receive his/her unit safely and easily on showing the consignee receipt.