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How to Avoid Car Accident?


Driving is an exhaustive task , you never enjoy a drive until you are going on a field trip, picnic or hanging out with friends. The routine drive always makes you weary and tired and particularly when you are returning home after 9 hours work and you face a traffic jam you become annoyed of everything else on earth.

Here are some basic do’s and dont’s while driving which should be considered:

  • Check Your Car’s Condition: You should check your cars condition before leaving for a drive, you should check break oil, steering wheel, tires’ air pressure etc. This way you wont be panicked if some sudden issue arise while driving.
  • Do Not Change Lanes: Do not change lanes while driving, you should be very careful when driving on the road if you switch lanes rapidly others might get confused and you may strike someone ahead.
  • Think , Others Are Novice Drivers: When you will start thinking that others are learning to drive you will drive carefully and ultimately you will be taking care of the driving rules. This will not only help you to experience a safe drive but others will also take notice and do not break rules.
  • Keep Your Hands in 3 O Clock and 9 O Clock Position: Some people drive in only one position, they either keep both hands at the bottom of steering wheel or they prefer to keep it in a 12 O Clock positon, the recommended position is to keep it in 3 O Clock and , 9 O Clock position so you can easily cope up with an accident by controlling your vehicle.
  • Avoid Distraction: Avoid all sorts of un-necessary activities like talking on phone, doing makeups, arranging your clothes or cleaning up the mess in your car. It should be better if you do everything before driving so it wont distract you on the road and you can save yourself from an accident.
  • Check Your B-L-O-W-B-A-G: It is a common term in automobile industry which stands for B: Brakes, L:Lights, O: Oil, W: Water, B: Battery, A: Air, G: Gas. One should double check everything before going on a drive so it wont be a trouble when the car is fast paced on the road.
  •  Avoid Driving in Bad Weather: Bad weather includes rainy weather or snow falling, one should check the car’s windpipes they should work properly in order to clear the front glass. It is better to avoid driving in rough weather otherwise there will be more likely to meet an accident and to strike others or to stuck in heavy snow.
  • Wear Seat-Belt: Don’t forget to wear your seat-belt, it is mandatory to follow the fundamental rules of driving. You should also train your kids to practice using seat-belt when they sit in the car. This might not completely avoid any accident nor its a surety but it can save you and your kids from severe injuries.
  • Give Way to Fast Drivers: It is better to let the fast drivers go first, after all it is not a race, those who are in a rush should go ahead and you are not on the road to impress others. Therefore if somebody is trying to bypass you or moving forward in a speed you should give him a way to ensure safe drive for both cars.
  • Do Not Drive When You Are Tired: The car critics and automobile industry experts suggest that one should not drive when tired. If you are experiencing fatigue, you had sleepless night, you are tired due to continuous workload and working without a break it is better not to drive. An exhausted and weary person is more likely to meet an accident, therefore take a break , make sure your mind is fresh and then go for a drive no matter it is from work to home.
  • Dim Your Lights When Driving at Night: While driving at night you should dim your lights, this is because too much light can create trouble for other drivers on the road, they might loose control over their car and you might meet an accident.

These are few of the tips to follow in order to avoid a car accident and to enjoy a safe drive!