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How To Import Vehicles in Uganda


Due to the lack of local production facilities of automobiles in Uganda, the importation of vehicles is a necessity for individuals of the country. In order to do so, the government has set up an outline of rules and regulations that need to be stringently followed in order to legally import to Uganda.

Age Restriction:

Unlike many other countries in Africa, there is no age limit on the vehicle being imported in the country. The legality of the documents in essential to the transaction however any vehicle produced at any time is allowed to be imported in Uganda.

Shipment Mechanism

Cars imported to Uganda are usually shipped through the ports of Mombasa or Dar-es-Salaam. The feasible trading routes as made it easier to import cars in the country.

Road Worthiness

There is no Road Worthiness inspection test that is required before issuance of valid certificate for importation. Therefore no age limit and no RWI allows the individuals to easily import cars in the country.

Taxation Upon Importation

There are certain taxation charges that are implied on the individual importing the vehicle in the country.

1.  Import Duty: 15% of dutiable value

2.  VAT : 17% of VAT value

3.  Import commission: 2% of Dutiable Value

4.  Withholding Tax: 4% of Dutiable Value

In certain cases there is an exercise duty of 10% and duty reemissions on commercial vehicles.

Required Documents

The documents required for importation of vehicles in Uganda are:

1. Tax Identification Number

2.  Commercial Invoice

3. Bill of Lading

4.  Insurance Certificate

5.  Certificate of Origin

6.  Permits

7.  Photocopy of Importer’s Identity Card and Passport