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How To Import Vehicles To Zambia!


Due to the lack of vehicle production in Africa there has been an increasing trend of importing vehicles from other countries to fulfill the needs of the people. Zambia is one of those countries that have set of a plan of rules and regulations that need to be stringently followed in order to import vehicles within the country.


The cars imported in Zambia are shipped through the Port of Durban or Dar-es-Salaam. This is more cost and travel efficient.

Age Restriction

There is no age restriction on cars when being imported to Zambia and a free reign is given to the people to go for any car of their choice and model.

Road Worthiness Inspection

The Cars being imported in Zambia have to go through a road worthiness inspection test. The road worthiness test is carried out by the JEVIC on all the cars being imported. Te test carried out is rigorous and rigid at the end of which a certificate is issued that allows the importation of cars without any hassle.

Import Taxation In Zambia

Import taxation on each vehicle in Zambia is calculated through a specific complex formula that is dedicated to each individual.

Cheat Sheet

Year Restriction:    None
RWI Required:    Yes (JEVIC)