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How To Take Care Of Your Tires Easily!


In order to maximize the life time of the tires in your car it is essential that proper steps be followed in order to take care of the tires. Tire care and safety is quite simple and easy and require a number of actions to be followed to be free from future hassle. The most important thing in this regard is to remember to “Be Tire Smart and Play Your PARTPressure, Alignment, Rotation, Thread.”

How to check inflation pressure?
The decrease in inflation pressure of the tires can result in tire stress, loss of control, irregular wear and accidents. The tire may not appear to be flat even in case of decreased inflation pressure which is why it is necessary to check it from time to time. In order to check the inflation pressure refer to the vehicle’s manual and only do so when are tires are not hot from driving. It is recommended to check the pressure once a month and prior to long trips. It is also advised to keep the pressure of the spare tire in check.

Why check the alignment?
A sudden jerk or jolt from hitting a curb or other things can alter the alignment along with damaging the tires. If the suspension system is out of alignment it will ultimately result in wearing out of tires and cause irregular wear and vibration. It is therefore recommended that you get your car alignment checked periodically.

The need to rotate the tires?
The process of constantly rotating your tires will help the to achieve more uniform wear. It is recommended to rotate your tires every 5000-8000 miles. Since each tires supports a different weight at each point thus the rotating is necessary to refrain from high wear of one tire in comparison from the other causing misalignment, imbalance and other mechanical issues.

How to check thread?
It is due to the advanced and unusual wear that the ability of the thread to grip the road in adverse conditions is minimized to a considerable extent causing slippery movements, skidding and sliding with failure to brake on time. It is therefore advised to get the thread checked at regular intervals as it is one of the most dangerous issues that can cause the car to go out of control.