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How to Keep Cats Away from Car Engines?

cats in car engines.

Cats are always looking to hide out in spaces. So, this winter, if you cannot keep your cats indoors, ensure keeping an eye out for their safety. Also, the outdoor and stray cats often find shelter in car engines and hide in and under cars. It’s dangerous as it poses a danger to them.

In cold conditions, cats usually crawl into the engine box as it is warm. Hence, don’t forget to check under your car before starting. Even if you’re not a cat person, we are sure you would not like it if a cat jumped on the hood of your car. It’s dangerous for them. So, most often, you don’t see them in the car. However, you might find scratches on the paint or tears in the tarp.

If you’re worried about why cats go under cars and how to avoid it, we’ve got some easy tips. On the web, you’ll find plenty of ways to keep cats away from engines. However, all of these aren’t useful. Instead, we’ve covered some tried and tested ways that can help you.

Why Do Cats Love the Engine Bay?

If we talk about animals, the stray ones look for warm places. It is because all animals have a higher body temperature. Hence, they easily take shelter in the engine bay. Also, it’s a peaceful and dark place to take a nap.

If you are speculating why do cats go under cars? It’s because they find the place warm and safe. Many times, the stray cats get in a fight with each other. So, they look for places to hideout. What can be better than hiding under a car? Most often, you’ll find the kittens crawling into the engine compartments. Overall, it’s unsafe.

Every car owner must know that cats love the engine bay. So, don’t start your car without taking the necessary precautions. First, spend a few minutes checking out your car hood and engine.

Ways to Keep Cats Away from Car Engines

Finding cats on your car hood or under the car is very common. It depends on where you park your car. At times, people get irritated and annoyed by the cats roaming around their cars. Hence, what you need to recognize is how to keep them away.

People habitually don’t comprehend that there is a cat, which has caused many cats’ demise. For instance, if you twitch the car engine with a cat, they get trapped. Thus, you can imagine what they might go through. So, it’s best to find ways to keep cats off the car hood.

Here are some ways to keep cats away from car engines:

1.    Clear Away Any Debris or Food from Inside and Around the Car

If you want to keep cats off the car hood, try keeping away any food or debris. Such things easily attract pests and rodents. Along with this, you can use a cat deterrent. Spray it on all the car openings and keep cats away from car engines.

A cat repellent spray is easily available at stores. You can find the all-natural ones that don’t harm the paint and interior of your vehicle. Additionally, keep your car clean. You can also opt for car cleaning services while ensuring that you throw all the trash instantly rather than storing it in your car for days.

2.    Use Mothballs

Like humans, even cats don’t like the aroma of mothballs. Thus, if you wish to keep cats away from car engines, use the mothballs. But, first, you need to buy a bag of mothballs and place them around your car. Keep it near the tires, under the hood, and on the roof.

The smell of the mothballs will keep the cats away from car engines. These will cost around $5 to $15 only. Also, you can use the naphthalene balls, place them in small pouches and hang them under the car’s hood. However, it would help ensure that it hangs away from the engine parts and any air intake.

3.    Cayenne Pepper

We know that the mothballs are smelly, and you cannot always rely on air fresheners. So, the cayenne pepper is another option to keep cats away from car engines.

For this, you don’t need to sprinkle pepper on your car. Instead, take a bit and sprinkle it around the car in a circle. It will easily keep the stray cats away. It won’t work instantaneously, but in a few days, it will start working. The pepper has a history of helping car owners ensure no cats in car engines.

So, keep using the pepper to ensure that cats do not return for effective results. You can also increase the amount of pepper to get better results.

4.    Car Cover

Wrapping your car is the finest way to keep it safe. It won’t only keep cats away from car engines but also ensures that the stray animals don’t easily tear through the scrappy tarp. Zipping up your car with a cover will ensure that cats do not scratch it. Also, it means that the cats cannot end up in the engines.

Buying a car cover can be expensive. However, it’s worth it as it protects your vehicles, which is very important. Imagine having scratches or any physical damage to your car. It can easily reduce its worth. So, invest in a good cover.

5.    Try Some Dry Herbs

Cats don’t like most of the herbs. If you want to keep cats away from car engines, use herbs as a trick. You can sprinkle herb water like lavender, rosemary, or rue on the hood and under your car. Look out for the spaces where cats can easily fit, and spray over there.

For the herbs, you can also use a mixture of these. It works best. A small amount can make your life easier. Also, the greatest part is that these herbs are effortlessly obtainable and are cheap. However, these can be blown off by the winds easily. Thus, you’ll have to sprinkle it again and again.

6.    Knock on the Hood of your Car

Even if you’re rushing to the office or getting late for a meeting or personal commitment, don’t miss banging on the hood of your vehicle. Practice this more religiously during winters as you’ll easily find cats in a car engine.

Banging on the hood will alert the cats and scare them. Hence, this way, you can keep cats away from car engines.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is cats often peacefully sleep in the car engines or on top or under the car. They are curled up, relishing the calm wind. So, being a car owner, you must act responsibly to ensure that you keep cats away from car engines. It can be treacherous for them.

You can use any methods mentioned above to keep cats off the car hood. Through this, you can ensure that you don’t harm cats under the car’s hood.