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Full article:How to Set Ground for Awesome Car Mannequin Challenge?

How to Set Ground for Awesome Car Mannequin Challenge?

The end of year 2016 brought in the hype of Mannequin Challenge that seems to continue till today. Though the pace is slow now, but now it is the safe time to analyze the progress till now. We are more interes...

Full article:How Toyota makes you better person?

How Toyota makes you better person?

Toyota has been the biggest cash cow for a number of decades across globe. It has led to encouragement of more businesses in automobile industry. Yet the journey was never easy, and came with its own shortfalls. It is not just a typical automobile business, but has something to learn for even individuals....

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Full article:2014 – The Worst Year for Recalls!

2014 – The Worst Year for Recalls!

According to the latest survey, the year 2014 witnessed the recall of every one vehicle out of five in America. Altogether there has been approximately 30 million plus recalls from January to late October and with two months remaining hopes are not so high! One of the major reasons for recall is the safety campaigns...

Full article:The Fitness Tips For Race Drivers

The Fitness Tips For Race Drivers

Race drivers unlike typical driver needs to be much more healthy physically and mentally. After all driving a heavy duty vehicle is not a child’s play. It is more like walking against the wind; that requires a lot of investment in terms of time. Below are the few tips for being a fit race driver...

Full article:Considerations For Senior Citizens Who Drive

Considerations For Senior Citizens Who Drive

No matter how much the senior citizens try to act young by owning a sports car typical to youngsters, the age marks it presence. The blurred vision, the arthritis issue and a number of other problems best proves the fact that in 60s driving like many other things become complicated. The features that one should...

Full article:Car Myths We Falsely Believe

Car Myths We Falsely Believe

The cars have become integral part of our society, making it more of a necessity than anything else. Whenever someone buys a new cars there are myths that its peers/ seniors transfer to them, that the new driver religiously believe. Myths that have no strong base are followed by car drivers that they further transfer...

Full article:Car Size And Brand Image

Car Size And Brand Image

Over the years cars size have drastically increased. Although Japan has special place for Kei cars, but the overall world analysis shows a different story. Talking about Japan, the populous country focuses its energy in supporting local auto industry with traffic conditions best managed. That is the reason, tax rebates are given to smaller cars...

Full article:Are You Ready To Eat Car?

Are You Ready To Eat Car?

Yes, we are not nuts at all. We know cars are used for transportation and can provide driving experience to the best only. Yet today we will talk about an edible car with every part made of from cake material. Whether it is about the engine or the headlights in front everything is manufactured to...

Full article:How to Forgive Your Wife In Car Accident?

How to Forgive Your Wife In Car Accident?

It is very difficult for men specifically to forgive his wife for anything done to his car. This lead to continuous fights for an extended period of time, causing dis-function in family life. It gets more complicated when the car is not insured, adding spice to the hurtful feeling one has. The question asked by...

Full article:Annoying Car Drivers That You Want To Kill

Annoying Car Drivers That You Want To Kill

Many of us spend a good chunk of our lives on wheel. We know much more about roads and the drivers that contribute to making our life better or worst. Today, it is about the drivers that causes pain in our hea...