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Safety Precautions For Women Drivers


Being a woman, one always feel the pressure to remain safe. It happens because for bad people woman are the most easy to control victim. It is because of this an woman face more stress as  driver a compare to man. Being emotional they are unable to handle situation in many cases, so the best  solution is to avoid such situations.

Here is a video telling about a robbery in her car, and how confident were the bad guys. Click to play:

The precaution women at large should take are pointed below:

  • Your car should be mechanically at the best, so when a situation happens you can speed up. For that make sure that you have regular maintenance.
  • When approaching parking lot, make sure that you have keys in hand. This will give less time for thieves to commit theft.
  • If you have a flat tire on strange road, keep driving to nearest public place. The precaution is that always take your routine road, especially at night.
  • Check your car when you enter inside, even if the doors were locked carefully by you. In case of exit do check all locks.
  • Never try carpooling with strangers, as you can never predict their intentions.
  • Put your hand on horn if you feel a potentially dangerous situation.

Even if the Dacoit enters your car, calm yourself down and try something that grabs attention.
Over speeding in such case attracts cops, so do that.