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Why Wearing Seat Belts is an Issue For Teens?

Seat Belts is the basic and the most important requirement for safety. Through it the impact of jolts and bumps can be avoided to greater level. Wearing seat belts is stressed by almost every Government and should followed like ritual.

In different life stages of a person, teenage is the most dangerous one in terms of car driving and maintenance. And the worst part is that most of the teenagers do not follow the basic requirement of safety, by making sure that they do not need to wear seat belts.

We can scold them, lecture them and force them to do so, yet many times all the activities go in vein. It is because of not understanding the basic psychology behind their doing so.

The Love For Adventure

As a teenager, people look for adventure. The fact to prove on self to be cool to others is something they look forward to. In the quest of thrill, wearing seat belts feel like a prison chain. In order to cater this, you as parents should always use encouraging words, and the justification that racers wear seat belts can help them in paradigm shift.


The First Feel Of Being An Adult

As teens have the first taste of being an adult; so lecturing them backfires. To make sure that they wear seatbelts, you can always give them responsibility to cross-check seat belts of other siblings. While giving their first car,you make sure that your teen is mentally prepared to wear seat belts.


Although every teen has different psychology but it is the generalize problem that every one face. If you are guardian to a teen, make sure that you identify deficits and work accordingly for a safe drive with seat belts ON.