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How Toyota makes you better person?

Toyota has been the biggest cash cow for a number of decades across globe. It has led to encouragement of more businesses in automobile industry. Yet the journey was never easy, and came with its own shortfalls. It is not just a typical automobile business, but has something to learn for even individuals.


Toyota has always worked on long term implications of a certain decision. It does not respond to fads, trends and quarterly profits it focuses on building cars that resonate throughout life-time of products. It is because of this the company have big shot automobile brands like Corolla and Prius Hybrid. For this the company has invested a lot in research and development.


Thinking before Acting

The suppliers complain that Toyota takes a lot of time in making decisions. The company strongly believes in doing exhaustive research before putting money into something. This had led to long term accomplishment of knowing market trends and technology before hand, for those domains that are interconnected. We see Toyota being the first automobile company to invest in hybrid cars.



The culture of team work makes the worker humble. It is hard to name Toyota executive as it is not the individual but the success of company that matters. To further make employees modest, the reserve parking concept is discouraged even for high officials that is mixed with common work place concept meaning equality.


Knowing Those Who Matter

Toyota has acquired business in a number of markets and has not implemented the mass marketing strategy. It has invested in knowing about behavior of customers, their preference and the culture they follow. Even the name of cars has been changed to adjust as according to new atmosphere.


Facing Challenges Eye To Eye

Over the years, Toyota has seen the making and breaking of a number of brands. It has started off as an engine manufacturer having the first engine Type A. It was installed in Toyota AA, the first passenger car produced by the vehicle. The spirit to continuously improve and reduce the inefficiency factor contributes in giving it edge on competitors. Surviving a number of tough situations and financial losses, the company stands tall as a true fighter facing challenges.


Hence as an individual one can learn to be organized, down to earth and persistent in efforts just like Toyota.