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Untraditional Use of Car Tires

Tires are the integral part of car, required in running of the vehicle. It has direct contact with road and work hard throughout its tenure as a car tire. When the tires get old and worn out, discarding it is the top of the mind option.

But a few creative people came up with alternatives that made tire decorative enough serving different purposes to perfection.

Tires As Pet Bed

For making a bed for your pet, take a tire and color it white. Then insert cloth inside and here is the resting place ready for your pet.


Tires As Flower Planter

For that you need a sharp knife to cut points in a pointed mountain manner. Pull the interior out, after discarding the inside cut part of tire. Paint it after washing. Insert a chicken wire to make sure that the dust remain inside after you put it. Plant some flowers in it.


Tires As Seesaw

Seesaw is the easiest to make. You just need a few wood pieces, glue and nuts. Cut the tire in half manner. Take the half parts and install log on it. Big log is used to make the balance, while the three logs are drilled to make tire strong. Take two handles and install on the big log.


The other options that were made following the specific process includes sofa set, fountain and the most common swing.