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How To Import Vehicles In Tanzania? | Tanzania Import Policy



The vehicle import policy in Tanzania from Japan has been updated over the years making the necessary changes according to the business environment in the country.

Age Limit
In Tanzania, unlike many other countries, there is no limit on the importation of used cars. According to the government’s policy vehicles within the life span of 10 years can be imported however those exceeding the 10-year limit will have to be paid penalties in form of taxes and duties upon importation.

Inspection For Road Worthiness
Before the process of shipment, all vehicles being imported are first and foremostly cleared by the JAAI (Japan Automobile Appraisal Institute) for roadworthiness and then mostly shipped through the port of Dar-es-Salaam. Upon clearance of the roadworthiness test, a certificate is issued which allows the further process of shipment of the vehicle. However, upon failing to clear the test, repairs are made mandatory in order to import it to Tanzania. Penalities are applicable upon the importation of vehicles without the JAAI Certificate.

Tanzania’s Import Taxation
There is a stringent taxation policy for all vehicles being imported and are categorized on the basis of the engine capacity of the vehicles.

For engine capacity up to 2000cc:
Import duty 25%VAT 20%Cumulatively this is 50% of dutiable value.

For engine capacity above 2000cc:
Import duty 25%Excise duty 10%VAT 20%Cumulatively this is 65% of dutiable value.

For Commercial Units including buses, pickups, lorries & passenger vans:
Import duty 15%VAT 20%Cumulatively this is 32% of dutiable value.

Fees For Import Declaration
The Government of Tanzania has set up a specific formula for calculating the import declaration fees for every vehicle. It is as below:

FOB Price x 1.12 + (US$10 x Number of Units)

Cheat Sheet
Year Restriction        None
RWI Required           Yes(JAAI)