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Car Quotes That Make You Want To Race


Following are the top quotes that gained attention because of the clarity of concept they brings. Any car enthusiast can truly related to it directly or indirectly.

Design Quote

Talking about cars, average people see the design while the true car enthusiast is concerned for the functionality. We see a number of modified versions of car; but if you watch closely mostly it is about function or giving impression of function.


Car Shows Who You Are

The quote that depicts the status car shows to the world, is best shown through the one mentioned below. Ferrari is the choice of those who want to impress the world, while cars like Lamborghini are owned by those who are role model and ideal to many.


The Teen Mentality of Good Car

The car that is able to increase the flow of adrenalin is the definition of being great. No matter what guardians feel, the mentality of teen is told here.


The Solution To All Doubts

Yes, when you are in doubt here is what to do as according to a Scottish driver of British Rally.


The Battle of Best

As according to American professional stock car racing driver battle of the best happens on personal and your car level.


The New Definition of Safety

This is a quote that seems to come from a person who is a racer by blood.


The Emotions of Being Part of Race

A seasoned stock car racing driver and an announcer of today, summarize the internal environment in race.


The Spirit of Race

When people are involved in racing on road, being number 1 is in the mind of everyone.


Control Yourself When Driving

Best thing is said in the quote, as it is said that a large number of people die on road. So being loaded with emotions and having steering wheel in your hands is a deadly combination.


The Truck Quote

This quote is for truck but fits on temperament of people too.  When there is a defect involved, the voice gets sharper.


Missing the Part of Being Normal

Being a racer one miss the memories people made everyday, as the wealthy people miss the moment of financial goal achievement.


These quotes tell us that one should go with the flow and enjoy the journey