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Cars in colors: When Different Strokes Are For Different Folks

Different colors cars arranged in circle with heading of blog

We all know, each shade of rainbow triggers a certain psychological response. Marketers, by capitalizing on their knowledge of color psychology are reaping massive sales success all over the world.  Believe it or not, the psychology behind color choice is going to say a lot about your behavioral traits. Besides evoking emotions, different cars in colors helps to depict moods, behaviors, and personalities differently.

According to a study, a massive 85% consumers reported that the car color has a direct influence on their purchase decision because people see a car as a reflection of their personality. Take a moment and think about your car, because the new shiny outward visibility of your fancy automobile has a lot to say about you.

Additionally, people with left-brain dominance are most likely to be logical as well as analytical. When choosing car color they are likely to be more swayed by practical considerations, such as how well it will look in the dark and how much dirt it is going to show. Whereas people with right-brain dominance are more intuitive and random in their decisions. Hence, they are influenced by subjective realities and make spontaneous choices. Climate is another factor that can have significant impact on cars in color choices. For example, people living warm climates tend to favor light color cars whereas dark colors influence people in cold climates.

Here is the list of few car color choices and the personality traits behind them that are going to explain a lot about you.

White : Not Merely the Absence Of Colors

White represents purity, innocence, and goodness. Whereas, in eastern culture, this color is associated with death and grief. The car in white depicts taste and elegance that enjoys dominance for being fresh as well as clean. People having white cars are usually having a strict and orderly personality. The person behind the wheel of white hauler would be pure, pristine and direct. Besides dominance, the ease of maintenance, good resale value, the science of heat absorption, and dust-free appearance are few reasons influencing people to opt for white cars.

White color Toyota Premio on Black background

Black: If It Is Not Black, Put It Back

Black is always a highly preferred choice particularly among females to look classy. This color has close association with luxury, style, and sophistication. It looks powerful, bold and impressive from miles away. The car in black means the person behind the wheel is exuding confidence, thrill, and excitement. They are successful and powerful individuals with slight arrogant driving behavior but usually love to be in control on road.

Black color toyota aqua lighten up on black background
Toyota Aqua

Grey: The World Is Black And White, But The Real Gem Is Grey

According to a study, grey matters most to UK car shoppers. Grey is associated with psychological neutrality; the car in grey reflects a strong sense of stability as well as reliability. Grey color car ownership means the master of the journey is mature and a dignified person that has all strengths to stand out in a crowd. People preferring grey color cars tend to be safe as well as responsible drivers, and they usually show erratic driving behavior that successfully gains an instant attraction on the road.

Grey Color Toyota Vitz on Grey background

Blue: Truly A Source Of Delight

Blue symbolizes peace and patriotism; it is also used to showcase coolness and calmness. This color also has a strong association with strength, wisdom, and trust. People that fall in love with Blue color are usually possessed intelligence and creativity, but they hate confrontation. The car in blue or dark blue shades used to demonstrate the authoritative and confident nature of the rider. The person behind the wheel in blue car, avoid conflicts and tend to possess a very confident, sporty and decisive driving style.

Blue Mitsubishi L200 shinning on black background

Red: Your Bold And Daring Companion For The Next Move

Last in our list, but not the least, the Red color is commonly used to signal warning and danger. At the same time, it also shows close association with passion, attention, thrill, and excitement. People who own Red cars tend to possess a very energetic and passionate personality. The driver on board in Red cars would possess an outgoing driving style because they are not afraid to take risks. They can do what it takes to satisfy the wanderlusts because they believe in enjoying life to the fullest.

Red Nissan Tiida in combination red and black background

Bottom Line

When it comes to colors, we have countless shades of red, blue, green, gold, silver, etc. Cars in colors cruising everywhere around us in their distinctive skins because paint is the most important design element. In-fact variety of Japanese used cars available at reasonable prices and in different color opinions. Popular car color not necessarily means best value or good resale value, but the smart choice will go a long way with you. It will also allow you to enjoy huge bang on few proverbial bucks. Different strokes are indeed for different folks, and yes it’s possible to personalize your car color as per your choice, taste, and preferences.