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What Don’t Text and Drive Tells You?

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There are a number of campaigns that promote the fact that texting while driving can be pretty dangerous. With the changing modern day needs, we are connected by cell phone. It is a necessity that needs to be reflected before usage.

Think of yourself walking on the road with mobile phone in your hand and a main-hole open in front of you. There are greater chances of being drown inside than survival. Take another case when you are on open road fully concentrated on your phone and a pick-pocket comes just near you. Will you be able to notice him? The chances are pretty less. When in open air you can have so many mishaps waiting for you while you are texting.

Driving a car is additional responsibility as your mistake can be dangerous not only for your own self but also for your love ones. One become a threat to community when texting on wheel.


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Don’t Book Your Ticket to Hell

If you text and drive, and have never been involved in accident; you are just lucky. Do not test your luck as mishaps happens once and change course of future? You can better understand this by meeting someone who lost his legs while driving and texting.


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Life Matters- Don’t Text and Drive

The text and drive can be dangerous for surrounding. Whether one thinks of animals, building or people; there is a constant threat if the person on wheel is using mobile phone while driving, so don’t text and drive.


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The Low Intelligence People Text and Drive

It is not about being cool, text and drive is a serious threat to one’s own self and others. The people who still get involved in the distraction of driving have low IQ as according to online survey. As continuous usage of cell phone is brain damaging, leading to lack of concentration, something of utmost importance while driving. So prove yourself intelligent, don’t text and drive.


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Save yourself and your surrounding; drive safe.