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Research- Animal Voices As Horns To Reduce Car Accidents


As according to a latest research conducted in North Korea, the traditional horns have a positive impact on causing road accidents. The sound level of 107 to 109 dB produced by traditional horn, causes loss of concentration and peace of mind that result in blood pressure. The inappropriate level of noise leads to many mind issues and nerve problems. This ultimately results in accident. Considering this the change of traditional horn sound has been suggestion by researchers. The focus group was asked to identify the best horns to minimize the chances of accidents.

The Meow of Cat

The horn that has meow of the cat might look cute and adorable but the frequency is not that high to generate enough attention. It might be a good option for calm and serne place but for cities it is a bad idea.


The Woof of Dog

The braking of dog horn is not at all a good idea, as one will be unable to discriminate between a real dog and a horn. And as dog is the most common pet so distinguishing the two is crucial. It might cause distraction for everyone around leading to more accidents.


The Roar of Lion

The roar of lion is equivalent pressurizing as horn itself. Rather more because the frequency multiply drastically leading to greater chances of going in shock state and freeze. So this option should be strike off fast.


The Growl of Wolf

The wolf growl for longer, so it might not be a good idea to stop the car. And to top that if real wolf i8s there it will be a dangerous situation that one might encounter. So car horn should be made for an animal that is friendly yet has a voice that gains instant attention.


The Quack of Duck

Duck quacks in instant and precise manner, so the best option to gain attention is to have a car horn with this voice. It is just the right length and frequency to gain attention without causing tension.


Did you know that in 1908 when the first car was introduced it has the voice of duck which is the most appropriate option to start off with?

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