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Name your Car – A Brilliant Campaign by Toyota


Marketing campaigns improve brand visibility and recognition by developing a lasting relationship with the audience. Toyota took a step forward in creating trust and loyalty with the customers by launching Mas Que Un Auto Campaign in USA. It was a nice initiative from Toyota that gave a chance to the customers for naming their Toyotas under “Name your Car.”


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Mas Que Un Auto Campaign – Building Credibility

The campaign was brought forward with an endearing idea built on the special insight of giving a name to the car. About three years ago, Toyota and Conill Marketing launched Mas Que Un Auto campaign that meant ‘More than A Car’. This effort gave Toyota owners badges or custom nameplates bearing the names of their vehicles. People were instructed to simply log on to, where they would input their desired car names, and about a week later, they would receive a shiny badge on their doorstep.


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Compelling Superpersonal Monika

The idea spread like a wildfire on social media and other platforms and attracted mass audience towards it. Toyota expected 25,000 orders in the first two months however, orders exceeded to 50,000 and later it reached 100,000. Every person had a different story behind the distinctive monika. This generated a number of enthralling owner stories. A person named his vehicle as miraculous because of its performance while a family was noticed giving a name in support of Cystic Fibrosis.


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Branding Goes a Long Way

The audience believed that the badge created a unique appeal to the car. This led to the opening of the channel of communication between the company and the people. After this, Toyota came to know about the feelings the consumers have for their cars by “name your car.” Brand awareness was created through digital media and word of mouth that boosted the value and demand for Toyota cars. As a result, there was a drastic increase in the remarkable swift sale.

The customers feel enthusiastic while purchasing used Toyota cars from our stock because of its great brand name and exemplary qualities.


Picture Taken from Creativity Online