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13 spookily named cars!


The first contender on thirteenth number is the Austin Healey Sprite. The sprite was another name for a fairy often thought to be a creature of good intentions, though sometimes could turn evil. This is not the case with the Austin Healey of course. But that face could never hide malevolent intent.

In 12th place is the British classic the Hillman Imp named after another mythical being. The Imp was indeed prone to the occasional heart stopping practical joke of its own.

11th comes our first American contender, the Dodge Shadow, a compact car from the USA. The fact supernatural about it was its amazing ability to vanish from people’s minds soon it left market. It was pretty forgettable, in simple words.

Taking tenth spot is another Dodge, this time the Spirit – although this saloon had one redeeming feature, in the form of the frighteningly quick R/T version. With its 2.2 liter turbocharged engine, it could hit 60 mph from a standstill in a barely believable 5.8 seconds.

At 9th number is the Lamborghini Murciélago.  The Murciélago’s front end is pretty angry enough to give you a scare if you see it coming up fast. But the reason it’s here is because its name is actually Spanish word for ‘bat’

In 8th place is the Saturn Aura, a car which looked spookily similar to the Vauxhall Vectra. It was one of the last cars the Saturn brand ever sold, before General Motors sent the marque off to an early grave in 2010.

Seventh in the list is the AMC Gremlin, a car which lived up to its name by making its owners’ life a misery, or so its reputation suggests.

The 6th eerily named car is the Alfa Romeo Spider, whose name will set arachnophobes everywhere off into shudders of apprehension. Alfa enthusiasts, though, will easily be lured in by those looks.

At 5, it’s the Pontiac Banshee, a concept car whose growling front end could certainly make you scream with terror. Its looks were quite deceptive to its performance.

Fourth place goes to the Spectre R42. This British supercar from the ’90s lives up to its paranormal moniker by being astonishingly rare these days. Make no mistake, though it was a proper supercar, with a wicked top speed of 175mph

Third place spot goes to the fiendish Lamborghini Diablo. Arguably the most outlandish contender in the ’90s supercar race, its wedgy looks, pop-up headlights and V12 engine made it the decoration of choice for schoolchildren’s walls everywhere.

In second spot, it’s arguably the finest luxury saloon money can buy; the Phantom. Spookily silent, yet unashamedly opulent, it’s everything Rolls should be.

Frankly, there are so many ghostly names in the Rolls Royce range that narrowing it down to two was hard – but the Wraith’s glamorous looks, had to have the top spot.

Have a very happy Halloween!