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World’s First Flying Car Is Now Reality!


Imaginations have no boundaries and its true. Imagination always leads towards reality if you have courage and resources. There was a time when flying was a nightmare for the humans but now it’s full fledging reality.

If we take current era, we have still some imaginations and concepts around us. Fortunately it has become more practical these days to convert imagination into reality thanks for the technology and communication facilities these days.

Let’s talk about flying cars! Yes it has become reality now and you will be able to purchase, get the license and enjoy the ride.

PAL- V is the company with Dutch origin who build this beautiful piece of technology Called PAL- V ONE. You can not only drive a car but with that you can also fly it where ever and whenever you want.

We know that some questions are arising in your mind regarding the size of the vehicle (Sorry Aircraft :)) or whatever you want to name it. The answer is you don’t have to worry about size of the vehicle because it’s even small with 3 wheels as compare to the traditional SUVs. If you see it coming then it resembles tricycle coming your way.

The company currently seeking for the licenses all over the world and as far as pricing goes its fully equipped version will be available around half a million Euros.

Let’s take a sneak peak of this amazing piece of technology in below video