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2014 – “The Year Of RECALL” For General Motors!


The year 2014 is going down hill for General Motors and it does not look like things are improving at the GM camp any time soon. With 2014 names as “The Year Of Recall” for General Motors, the credibility, reputation and customer confidence is on the line with it being tarnished on daily basis through numerous of recalls after recalls making no sense to the huge GM fan base.


So far this year General Motors has recalled over 20 million vehicles sold in North America and to put that in perspective it means that 75% of cars currently in California. To top it all of 13 accidents resulting in death have been blamed on the faulty vehicles sold by General Motors. On the top of the list are the cars suffering from the faulty ignition switch problem. Marry Barra who became the CEO of GM only five months ago has had a lot to deal with at the start of her tenure bravely taking on the problem instead of pushing it under the rug. The recall has been getting out of control due to numerous issues including body fractures, overheated exhaust components, fuel line quick connector problem, electronic brake control situation and numerous more. It is yet to see how GM handles the situation that is quickly loosing customer confidence as it is effecting sales worldwide.