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2017 Honda Ridgeline Fuel Economy Topped the Competitors of Mid-Six Six-Cylinder Vehicles

2017 Honda Ridgeline

“A lighter curb weight”, is the one of the core promises that any unibody pickup truck complies, contrary to the traditional body-on-frame design preferred by  most of the automotive manufacturers. As per technical research and development department the lighter curb weight of the vehicle leads to better driving performance and stable fuel economy. Initially, the first generation of Honda Ridgeline came with unibody design but somehow neglected the fuel-economy mark.  In contrast, latest 2017 Honda Ridgeline is released as mid-size unibody trucks with EPA fuel economy that excel the truck’s successor.

The new Ridgeline with all-wheel drive system is EPA-rated at 25mpg on the highway and 18mpg in the city. The ratio is slightly high above then the 17/24 mpg address given to Six-cylinder Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 and 18/23 mpg received by the Toyota Tacoma V-6. The Ridgeline for the first time is manufactured and marketed with front-wheel drive too. So far, it’s  been the most efficient and successful Ridgeline configuration and stand out among the six-cylinder mid-size competition. The comparison is made to V-6 lineup because Ridgeline doesn’t put forward  four-cylinder engines. Toyota and Chevrolet do offer, however, Chevy’s base four-cylinder is offered solitary with rear-wheel drive.

2017 Honda Ridgeline

Though, Ridgeline is beaten by four-cylinder, two-wheel-drive Colorado with EPA figures of 20/27 mpg that result in offering more efficient automatic transmission. The Tacoma embracing the identical configuration charge 19/23 mpg. It’s stated, nowadays full-size trucks are relocating fuel-economy almost as good as mid-size trucks offer. The entire automotive industry and associated dealers must note that Honda holds all gas-powered full-size truck that beat the efficiency game. Honda can hoard 2.7 liter twin turbocharged V-6 integrated Ford F-150 with two-wheel drive that hold the identical 19/26 mpg rating as the front-drive Ridgeline.

Equally, the diesel-powered Ram 1500 is EPA scaled up to 20/28. If the Ridgeline’s fuel economy doesn’t look remarkable or impressive at prime flush, it nearly then reflect the equivalent efficiency of its siblings – much lighter-duty Pilot three-row crossover. The all brand-new 2016 Ridgeline have such hi-technical features that can conveniently beats the previous Ridgeline’s ho-hum 15/20 mpg EPA estimates.