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3 Year Old Rescued After Car Stolen With Baby Inside!


When it rains, it pours. That is the kind of luck i do not want to get. With the state of affairs nowadays, we can see that danger lurks at every nook and corner. We do not know who to trust and who to blame. Who to protect our kids from and who to confide in. There is lack of security and respect and the only thing you can do is keep to yourself, keep your head down and try to avoid any kind of risky or dangerous situation.

A woman from Salt Lake City however just experienced the worst day of her life. The mom left her car running with a 3 year old inside to drop off her infant at day care and when she came out of the building she saw someone driving away with her car with her 3 year old inside. The mom had left her purse and cell phone inside the car. The authorities called the phone and the child answered to tell them that some stranger was going through the purse and left the car abandoned with the kid inside. His mom told her to honk the horn while on the phone till someone comes to get him. The authorities found the abandoned car 3 blocks away and rescued the kid immediately. The mother was immensely grateful that the odds were in her favor that day!