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3D Printed Cars – The Next American Revolution?


With the industrial revolution that is being experienced globally, there is no aspect that has been left unaffected. The automobile industry is facing a variety of most ground breaking achievements with the introduction of self driving vehicles, connecting vehicles, steering less vehicles, smart cars and many more. Even the concept of flying car has been implemented to a certain extent with a hovering car and a hovering bike already manufactured with a successful test run. The next big thing that is buzzing in the market is the advent of 3D printed cars.


The technological progress for the process of completely 3D printed cars needs to be extremely efficient and high at the moment. The aim of American based companies is to bring a revolution in the automobile industry by becoming the ground breaking entity that introduces that concept of commercially used 3D printed vehicles. The project being worked upon at the moment is a 3D printed sports car called Strati that is being made with the collaboration of Local Motors, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cincinnati Incorporated. The vehicle is designed in a specific manner that require minimum parts which can result in minimum problems. So far the car is made up of 40 components which gets fewer with every revision. Let us sit back and see whether this revolution turns out to be a success or a really really bad idea.