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5 Critical Problems With Tesla Model S!


Electric Cars are the new hype and for good reason. By providing all the same functions with efficiency and safety minus the high cost of fuel it is a very attractive option to go for the most popular electric car at the moment Tesla S. The electric car fanatics are going wild with the beauty that the Model offers with the amazing features unimaginable before. The stock price has peaked by 650% since early 2013. The dependability on such cars are still a drawback that is mainly focused on the charging facilities that are not in a sufficient amount.

However with its rising popularity there has been critical eye on the vehicle as well. Certain key issues have come forward which Tesla needs to take notice of immediately before it ends up hurting their sterling reputation.

1. Access to the vehicle is prevented due to the door handles inability to protract.

2. The touch pad was used to open the front trunk of the Tesla S which failed to respond upon command.

3. The most key part of the vehicle which is the EV charger adapter that allows Tesla Model S to charge from various outlets came apart.

4. The car has issues of stalling a number of time all the while it was being driven.

5. The center console of the vehicle went blank and unresponsive in the middle of the ride which blocked numerous commands from taking place such as access to charger port cover.