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5 Ways To Tackle A Blazing Fire In The Car!!!


Hundreds and thousands of lives are lost on yearly basis due to automobile accidents. The nature of such accidents may vary where some are so bizarre that noting anyone could have done would have helped to prevent them. However in certain situations there are certain ways to get a hold of it which can not only prevent fatalities but also help in minimizing injuries. In order to make sure you are well aware and well equipped with the knowledge, we have compiled a list of ways to tackle a difficult situation in which you car is ablaze with fire and nothing seems more sure than death itself.


Instant and Immediate Action:
If you feel that your car has started smoking ans you realize that it has caught fire you need to stop the car immediately, get out of it as soon as possible and go far away from it and warn anyone in your way to move further away from the vehicle.

Immediate Prioritization:
If your car has caught fir there is a dire need of prioritization. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR LIFE. Leave all belongings behind as your car can burst into flames any second.

Precaution Is Advised:
Whenever traveling in a car it is always recommended to keep the precautionary measures upclose. Be it a fire extinguisher, a small hammer, or any solid thing to smash windows keep it at arms length inside your car.

Do Not Panic:
You need to keep your wits about when stuck in a difficult situation. In case of fire emergency make sure you and all other people are out of the car with you. Make sure you check the back seat for any baby or child you are traveling with as they may be scared and may have hid underneath the seat.

Call For Help:
As soon as you are out of the danger zone call for immediate help. This will help you contain the situation and leave the highly dangerous task to the hands of the professionals.

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