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9 Best Luxury Cars in South Africa

luxury cars in south africa

South Africa is no stranger to luxury cars. But the majority are limousine saloons with spacious interiors that make a three-bedroom semi-detached home appear cramped.

This is the market for you if you look for the ultimate in grandeur, elegance, sense of occasion, and bestowed prestige. Denying regular super-luxury class clients the chance to quadruple the luxury cars cost in South Africa would be the ultimate turn-off.

This blog will discuss the best luxury cars in South Africa that will make heads turn on the road.

1.    Rolls-Royce Phantom

In addition to the unparalleled feeling of grandeur that comes with riding in one, owners will find it irresistible because of the lavish statement of money and prestige it conveys. Many people would never realize it, but the new Rolls-Royce Phantom is also a delight to drive.

Back passengers can enjoy its wonderfully pleasant and uniquely isolating ride comfort, of course, and it is like nothing else in a car: sluggish but also supremely silent and smooth despite the newest run-flat tire technology that Rolls-Royce has installed.

2.    Rolls-Royce Ghost

Understudy to the Phantom has undergone significant changes in its second generation. The Ghost, Cullinan, and Phantom all share the same ‘Architecture of Luxury’ platform, which was originally taken from the BMW 7 Series. Even the suspension has been improved with mass dampers and a rear active anti-roll bar, both from Rolls-Royce, which assists bring the ride quality even closer to the Phantom.

Regarding both internal and exterior design, this automobile is simply the tiniest step down from its larger sibling. Despite its appearance, it is a functional Neoclassical castle on wheels.

3.    Bentley Flying Spur

In its third generation, the Flying Spur has a prouder, more muscular appearance that pulls substantially from the most stylish, beautiful Continental GT coupe.

Additionally, it improves the insulation between the fabulous interior and the road and serves as the foundation for superb driving characteristics. Grip, balance, and steering have all been noticeably enhanced due to this.

Despite the fact that it is an entry-level limousine of the Bentley, the Flying Spur has an interior with a sumptuous tone and feel due to the use of soft, authentic, superbly stitched leathers, natural veneers, and eye-catching and tactile metal brightwork everywhere.

4.    Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

This is the most luxurious and special automobile globally, perhaps the most generally regarded and appreciated limousine line. It serves as the current standard-bearer for Maybach super-luxury brand, and it is the most expensive and unique car in the world.

As a result, the fact that this automobile is just an S-Class may be both its greatest strength and its worst weakness at the same time. When compared to a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley, an S-Class may not have as much drool-worthy curb appeal; however, the fact that it is an S-Class means that it is the recipient of all of the latest active suspension and driver assistance technologies, which contribute to the brilliantly refined, rich, and cosseting interior.

5.    The Rolls-Royce Cullinan

A substantial amount of Rolls-Royce client feedback indicated that a more everyday, all-surface competent, family-practical vehicle is a welcome addition to the showroom line of the firm, prompting Cullinan Goodwood to create the Marmite entry to the super-luxury sector in 2018.

The Cullinan has received enough negative feedback about its design from various sources to create the impression that its creator has taken a considerable risk by launching a vehicle that some have regarded as uncomfortable and unlovely.

In contrast, others have criticized in even more unkind words. However, if research of Rolls Royce market is correct, and the worth of year of booked orders is a strong indication, the collective repulsion of individuals who would never have purchased a Cullinan will have little effect ability of the vehicle to become an economic success.

6.    Bentley Bentayga

The wonderfully plush interior of this luxury car in South Africa with the burst of torque-laden performance and sense of imperious yet singularly enveloping luxury set it apart even among its peers. These characteristics might even be powerful enough to persuade a cynic who was initially opposed to the idea of living in a blue-blooded SUV to reconsider their stance on the subject.

In comparison to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, it provides a somewhat more sports driving experience at the sacrifice of that last shade of ride comfort. The Bentayga, on the other hand, just gives up a shade — an occasional hint of a head toss and the tiniest squirm of fussiness over specific lumps and bumps while travelling at high speed. You may not realize what you are missing if you do not drive a luxury automobile daily, even if you are used to them.

7.    BMW iX

Until recently, all-electric super-luxury automobiles with the performance, refinement, and adaptability to command the road have been hard to come by, but that is changing. People concerned about the environmental impact of their preferred components of the EV and manufacturing methods and those who like the finer things in life should find the iX to be a compelling option. However, for others, the outward appearance of this full-size SUV is unappealing, and it may not even be considered attractive at all.

In addition to using ecologically friendly olive-tanned leather seats, lightweight electrically excited motors that do not need big magnets, and metals for its drive batteries supplied sustainably from North Africa and Australia. This vehicle has many other environmentally friendly features.

8.    Range Rover SVAutobiography

Long-wheelbase, top-rung Range Rover has evolved from its roots as an off-road vehicle to become an upscale luxury vehicle since its inception. As a result, it succeeds admirably in capitalizing on the burgeoning market for luxury SUVs as well as consumer esteem for the Range Rover brand.

An optional panoramic sunroof and folding aluminum tray tables in the SVAutobiography lounge back seats enhance the sensation of room onboard the SVAutobiography. The four-seater has a choice of either a petrol V8 or a diesel V8 powerplant, and each seat has a foldout aluminum tray table. There is also a noticeable difference in the quality of the inside materials compared to the basic Range Rover.

In terms of ride quality and isolation, this car improves on the performance of its previous model, but it still falls short of the most polished vehicles in its class. The sharper edges of the car appear to strain the structural limitations of the underbody, which results in a thudding sound during acceleration.

9.    Alpina B7

B7 It is an extraordinarily well-rounded vehicle, with only Bentley Flying Spur being able to compete with it in this regard. If you are looking for exclusivity, do not be deceived by the BMW sign on the bonnet of Alpina B7. It is possible that only the Mercedes-Maybach is as improbable to come into your view on public highways as the B7, which has a genuine calling-card in magnificent rolling finesse and a level of body control and agility that is completely out of sync with the luxury-saloon clique.


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